Quick Drying 1" Dog Collar with Waterproof AirTag Case

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For both dogs and cats, the combination of the Catalyst Quick Drying Dog Collar and Apple AirTag offers enhanced features that go beyond traditional pet collars so you can track and find your pet.

Designed with an extra loop on the 1" wide collar to precisely fit and securely attach a Catalyst Waterproof AirTag Clip-It Case that won't dangle, rub, irritate, or create friction or discomfort for your pet.

This flat pet collar is designed to resist scratching and licking and can handle rough-and-tumble play. The collar is adjustable with a sturdy, easy-to-clip leash hook. It can withstand wear and tear even from a large dog or very active pet, giving you peace of mind.

The 330ft waterproof rugged case is tested for military drops, seals around the back of the Apple AirTag case, and screws tightly shut to protect against the elements, but can be unscrewed so you can access your AirTag and replace the battery when it runs low after a year.

By using the ultra-wideband technology and the vast network of Apple devices to help locate lost items, including pets, you can use the FindMy network to detect the signal emitted by the AirTag by Bluetooth and relay its location to the owner's smartphone.

Also, the patented design of the Catalyst Clip-It case allows full sound projection, so you can use FindMy to play sound, making it easy to locate your dog. This functionality is incredibly useful for tracking pets, especially if they wander off or get lost.
You can confidently find and keep track of your furry friend whether the pup loves to swim, play in the mud, or dig in the snow.