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2014, 2015 Reviews

The Watch retains all its functions, such as heart rate sensor and charging, so you can leave the Catalyst case on all the time or only when the need arises. – Andy Boxall/


Best Apple Watch cases

 "The Series 1 (and Series 0) Apple Watches are not waterproof. They are water resistant. With the Catalyst, you can jump right into the deep end. It is rated at 5ATM and you can go as deep as 50 meters under water with it." - Lory Gil, Mike Tenasychuk/


“If you think your iPad Air 2 or 9.7-inch iPad Pro is going to go anywhere near water, protect your investment with a Catalyst case.” – Todd Bernhard/


“Catalyst continues to be the industry leader in use-friendly and rugged, waterproof device cases.” –


Catalyst Case for the iPad Mini 

“The best feature about this case is that it is 100% waterproof, which makes it carefree when we use it close to the pool, at the beach or even when giving the device for young children to use.” – 

“…if you guys love the beach or if you’re always outdoors, the Catalyst case is the best thing you can get for your smartphone.” - Carlo Ople/


Make catching Pokémon easier while protecting your phone with this fun case

“…it provides your finger a perfect line for expert PokéBall throwing, increasing the likelihood of catching your goal.” – Tech Ninja/


“...guarantee you the easy way to catch all Pokémons, it is something rare but lets you aim perfectly and catch them immediately...” - César Salza/


Win an all-weather Catalyst case for iPhone!

“I’ve never been confident taking pictures while at the beach or pool without my iPhone inside the Catalyst Case.” –


Catalyst and Nuud iPhone Cases – Review

“Catalyst …cases are excellent. My favorite features are improved sound versus a naked iPhone’s speaker, grippy rubber perimeter, lanyard attachment, rotating mute on/off knob, and outstanding outer rear camera lens with no loss of photo quality.” – John Nemerovski/


“…a protective case for your phone is a serious investment, but this isn’t just any phone case – The Catalyst case offers a serious security mod for your iPhone.” –


“the rubberised strips guide your finger when you swipe up to hurl a Pokeball. Your aim stays true whatever the weather, and rain will no longer stop you adding to your Pokedex.” – Richard Trenholm/


“While I’ll never totally trust any case to protect my phone 100%, this is the most comfortable I’ve been taking my phone into less safe environments.” – Kovas Palubinskas/


“…within minutes of installing the case on my watch I had almost completely forgotten that I had done so simply because everything still worked so seamlessly.” – Kraig Becker/


“… it is worth investment if you like to use your Apple Watch while traveling or exploring the outdoors.” – Kraig Becker/


“In spite of its slim profile, it is one of the best protective, waterproof and impact resistant cases available on the market.” – JP Habaradas/


“Taking your phone underwater is a dangerous game, and you need to know that it is going to be protected. With the Catalyst case, you can be sure that your phone is as amphibious as they come.” – Elliot Hall/


Review: Catalyst Case for iPad mini 4
“While we tend to think iPad waterproof cases are unnecessary for most everyday iPad users, those seeking a solid waterproof case at a fair price will likely be pleased by what Catalyst offers” - Phil Dzikiy/


"…it’ll let you swim a few laps without worry, or take a shower without having to remove your watch. Snorkeling isn’t out of the question, either given the case is rated waterproof…" - Kyle Wiggers/


"It’s easy to assemble or re-assemble, along with a hard coated optical lens for crystal clear photos, making your #Instatravel photos legendary in or out of the water." - Michelle Michalak/


"I was super excited to report that everything that was in this Catalyst case is bone dry.Take’s a licking and still keeps ticking!" - Vicki Winters/


"Catalyst creates products that enable families to have the freedom to go anywhere and learn on their devices, free from worry." - Steve Greenberg/'s blog


"The Catalyst Apple Watch (42mm) case is the perfect case for an active lifestyle near the pool or the beach. The case works and looks great!" - Scott Freedlun/


"This extreme-duty case has one of the lowest profiles of any rugged waterproof case on the market. In fact the Catalyst is so trim and slim that it's safe to say, that at a casual glance, no one will ever suspect that you have one of the most protective and reliable, waterproof and impact resistant cases on the market safeguarding your precious cargo." - Siva Om/


Protect Yourself! The Catalyst Waterproof Case For iPhone’s
"With a construction of impact resistant polycarbonate, a soft-touch rubber bumper, silicone seals and air & water tight acoustic membranes, this is where rugged meets style." -


Best 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro Cases
"The Catalyst Case is rated to survive in up to 2 feet of water and should survive a fall of up to 4 feet on dry land, but hopefully the grippy sides will keep you from dropping it in the first place. The integrated screen protector still offers full access to the Touch ID and remains sensitive to the Apple Pencil inputs." - Anna Attkisson/


Best Waterproof iPhone Cases: Top Picks and User Ratings
"It fully protects the buttons, sensors, cameras and Touch ID, but doesn't prevent you from using them." - Anna Attkisson/


Catalyst Case for the iPad Mini 4
"Not only does that front give something completely transparent to access the iPad touchscreen, but the back is transparent so the Apple logo can be seen. You can even access the Touch ID with extra-large ports to accommodate the charging and headphone jack." - Techno Mark/


This new Catalyst Case can make your Apple Watch waterproof
"If you own an Apple Watch and want to take it places you never have before, you need the Catalyst Case." - Stephen Fenech/


CES Asia 2016: The Coolest Gadgets From The Massive Tech Show
"This 100% waterproof case for Apple’s latest handset is designed to military specifications and is the only case that can withstand a dunking up to 5m." -


Recenze Catalyst Waterproof: obal, díky kterému můžete s iPhonem fotit i pod vodou
"Catalyst Waterproof really and pleasantly surprised me. I regard it as a necessity for anyone who is going with their friends in the summer on the water and want to use their iPhone on a ship (trip) for photo taking, filming or playing music." - David Grebeň/


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