Compatible models with the Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 3/2 - (Waterproof / Impact Protection)

To determine the size of your Apple check the engraving on the back. 

Find the Model of your Apple Watch

  1. First, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. 
  2. Go to General menu.
  3. Scroll down and now you can find the Model Number.
  4. Tap the Model Number to check the specific version.

    The Apple Watch Models listed below are compatible with the Catalyst Case for 42mm Apple Watch Series 3/2, except the Ceramic* version.

    42mm Apple Watch Series 3
    A1892* : MQR22CH/A*
    A1891* : MQM52B/A*, MQMW2B/A, MQME2B/A, MQKM2B/A
    A1861* : MQKD2LL/A*, MQLU2LL/A,MQLC2LL/A, MQK12LL/A,
    A1859 : MQL32LL/A, MQL02LL/A

    42mm Apple Watch Series 2
    A1817* : MNPQ2LL/A*, MNQC2LL/A
    A1758 : MP0A2LL/A, MNPJ2LL/A

    *42mm Apple Watch Series 3/2 Ceramic (A1817/MNPQ2LL/A,  A1861/MQKD2LL/A, A1891/MQM52B/A, A1892/MQR22CH/A) are not compatible.