Catalyst Launches a Breakthrough Line of High-Performance Everyday Waterproof Cases and Sleeves

Catalyst's Portfolio of 19 New Products for Everyday Use is Now Available in 71 countries 

HONG KONG, May 30, 2014 — Catalyst today announces the availability of a new line of high-performance everyday all-weather cases as part of a new portfolio of 19 products for everyday use. The Catalyst® case is designed to address the need for well-made, slim, everyday protection as smartphones and tablets become increasingly slim and made with delicate materials such as glass and aluminum. Catalyst's all-weather cases enable you to go anywhere and do more with your device.

The Catalyst® case is engineered to withstand impacts from 2 meters high (6.6 ft.) and be submerged up to 5 meters deep (16.4 ft.). With this level of performance, these cases will handily protect your device from snow, sand, mud, rain, messy kids or anything else you can throw at it. A hard-coated optical lens maintains your smartphone camera’s phenomenal image quality meaning that your photos will look just as spectacular as your memories.

When we looked at what our customers cared about, we realized that design is equally important to performance,” said June Lai, CEO of Catalyst. We built this product line to be as slim as possible and clear to showcase your device within, a signature feature of Catalyst® cases. Our industry-leading performance and clean minimalist design allows you to go anywhere, from the top of the mountain to your next board meeting. It's slim, stylish and second to none in protection making it the only case you'll ever need.”

“With this case you can come home muddy from your favorite trail in the mountains, hose it off like the rest of your gear, put on your favorite suit and go straight to your high stakes corporate meeting looking squeaky clean and modern, all while keeping your phone in it's original pristine condition. Not that you would... but you could.”

Beyond a fully functional camera and uncompromising protection, the Catalyst® case maintains all iPhone features including Touch ID. True Sound Acoustics preserve clear voice quality in a phone call and an integrated flat touchscreen film feels just like touching your device's bare touchscreen. With easy access to charging and headphone ports, you’ll never need (or want) to take your phone out of a Catalyst® case.

Catalyst is a leading innovator in creating fully functional everyday waterproof cases. Catalyst has been making waterproof cases for several years ever since it launched its first design in a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign and announced its partnership with Griffin Technology, Inc. for its second waterproof case, which included Catalyst's proprietary technology. In December 2013, Catalyst ended its license to Griffin which included the popular Survivor® + Catalyst® Waterproof Case. “Our vision is to continue to develop the best-in-class everyday designer products for customers around the world,” said Lai. “Griffin has contributed to our early success and we thank them for their support and wish them continued success in all their future endeavors.” With the freedom to grow independently, Catalyst has developed its newest portfolio of 19 high-performance products for everyday use that you can take anywhere.

Today, the Catalyst® case is available in more than 70 countries and offers the most performance at the best value with a suggested retail price of US$64.99. Currently available for iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s, the Catalyst® case will soon be available for a wider range of smartphones, tablets and portable devices.

Catalyst is also introducing today a new line of Catalyst Waterproof Sleeves. Cushioned with high-grade EVA foam, these slim and versatile bags incorporate welded waterproof construction and a double lock watertight closure to protect tablets, laptops or readers. Featuring a minimal design, the Catalyst Waterproof Sleeve can be used as a stand-alone protective layer that fits into a tote or briefcase or as a compact backpack or shoulder bag for essential technology and documents.

Additional products include Catalyst’s selection of accessories that increase the number of ways to use your device. The Catalyst Belt Clip, Catalyst Bike Mount and Catalyst Pro Adapter make it easy to mount and secure your phone virtually anywhere. The Catalyst Audio Adapter allows you to use any headphones and the Catalyst Floating Lanyard keeps your Catalyst® case and phone safe on the water’s surface. More soon-to-be-released accessories will further enable their owners to take their technology beyond their usual limits as they go further, deeper and higher in life.

See video of the Catalyst® case in action.


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Catalyst is a lifestyle accessories brand founded by adventure enthusiasts to create innovative products that inspire people to go outside, experience adventure and connect with nature. As avid climbers, surfers and snowboarders, their mission is to encourage people to explore, enjoy the outdoors, connect with others in our global community, and from a design perspective to create products that are fun, pure and functional. Catalyst is committed to creating iconic products that enable its customers to stay connected, no matter what the environment.

To find out more about Catalyst, visit or join the conversation on Twitter at @cataly_st.

Survivor® is a registered trademark of Griffin Technology, Inc.


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