Parents Give Catalyst Top Rating for Kid-proof Protection

Parents can be a tough audience to please, and with good reason.  The products they purchase and use in their homes need to be tough enough to survive a warzone of daily activities generated by an army of kids, pets and splash of unpredictable chaos.  They need to be sturdy enough to use (with complete confidence) in a number of environments and settings, and simple enough to use for kids and adults of nearly any age.

This was a challenge we were happy to bring on, and we’re proud to say, we nailed it!

Our iPad cases just received the seal of approval from the largest most trusted source of parent tested products in North America - Parent Tested Parent Approved.   So when you pick up a Catalyst case for the 9.7” and 12.9” iPad Pro, or iPad Mini 4 – you’ll see the seal.

So what does that mean?  It means you can trust the design and function of our products.  This award helps us to reinforce the value and the advantages that our cases provide. Catalyst 100% waterproof, drop proof cases enable parents and kids to enjoy their devices and use them as intended – for homework, games, social interaction, outdoor adventures, photos, videos and more – without the worry of breaking them.

Here are some interesting stats to consider: A recent study published by Square Trade shows 70 percent of elementary school kids, 65 percent of middle school kids and nearly 40 percent of toddlers own tablets.  It also shows 55 percent of families have had a tablet broken by a child, and parents have spent more than $11 billion repairing devices.

The Catalyst iPad cases are Military tested for drops of up to 4ft and waterproof to 6.6ft. With our cases, 55% of iPads that have been damaged due to dropping of the device (according to the study) can be significantly decreased.

According to parents who tested the cases, the most popular feature for them was the waterproof feature as it allows them to be more carefree when they use it close to the pool, or at the beach, or even when giving the device to young children. Another feature they mentioned was the durable rubber bumper that surrounds the outer edges of the case, making it slip free and convenient for kids to handle.

For more specs and photos of the Catalyst iPad cases, click here.

For more information about PTPA, visit their site here.

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